Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page is a work in progress... we will add more information as questions are asked!

How much quinine is in Ruby D Tonics?

FDA regulations (Sec. 172.510 Quinine) state that beverages containing quinine not exceed 83 ppm. Our tonic is FDA registered and has been tested using the HPLC Method. That said, while we have proof of the testing and a result of 44.08ppm for the quinine alkaloids, we are somewhat skeptical of the results.

Here's why: Our calculations, based on the use of real cinchona bark, would be more in the range of a few hundred ppm for the tonic.  Cinchona Officinalis typically contains 3-5% quinine.  While quinine is not soluble in water, adding citric acid helps to extract it, and we expect to end up with 1% or more of the available quinine.  Using 720 grams of Cinchona per batch (and even more for the Extra Bitter) should yield 7+ grams of quinine, which equals about 333ppm.  It’s then diluted with club soda and (optional) spirits, and that takes it below the 83ppm requirement.

How long does Ruby D Tonic keep?

Once you open the bottle, Ruby D Tonic should be kept refrigerated. There are no preservatives in the tonic but will keep indefinitely in the cooler. The bottles are hot packed and there is a separate seal inside the lid, so it is completely shelf stable before it is opened.


How can I use Ruby D Tonics?

The recipe featured on our label is the basic cocktail tonic;  1-2 oz. spirits (gin, vodka, whiskey etc.), 3-4 oz. club soda, sparkling water and 3/4 oz. Ruby D Tonic (more or less, to taste)

We also recommend using Ruby D Tonic in creating refreshing, low alcohol wine tonics. Vinho Verde, a low alcohol white wine from Portugal that is slightly bubbly is our favorite wine for this. Pour 5 oz. wine , 3/4 oz. Ruby D Tonic over a couple cubes of ice for a marvelous, quenching drink.

Champagne, or more specifically Spanish Cava or French Blanquette di Limoux, creates another wonderful base for a tonic cocktail. Pour 4 oz. sparkling wine over 1/4 oz. barrel aged maple syrup, 1/2 oz. Spiced Ruby D Tonic and add a splash of good apple cider.

Years ago, my Opthamologist suggested I drink tonic water to help with my dry eye syndrome. I was a sparkling water drinker to begin with and adding the Ruby D to my Sodastream bottle both increased how much water I drank (because it is both delicious and so refreshing) but also reduced the amount of eye drops I needed.

 Are Ruby D Tonics available for resale and restaurant purchase?

Absolutely! Send us an email and we can send you the wholesale information. We can arrange delivery or shipping and would love to vistit and offer a public tasting at your location!