Product Lineup

Four Palate-Pleasing Choices

Like you, we've read the reviews of various quinine tonics and quinine tonic concentrates.

8 ounce bottles

Reminds us of Goldilocks and the Three Bears -- this one is too bitter, this is too sweet, too citrusy, not bitter enough, and, the reviews that make us scratch our heads, "We'll stick with our (insert your mass-produced product here) 'cuz we can't tell the difference".

And though the reviews do indicate a strong, overall preference for the small-batch quinine tonic concentrates, there's not a lot of consensus on which is the overall favorite -- even though there are some very good products usually available (John's Premium Tonic, Jack Rudy's, Tomr's, Liber and Company, etc.).

So we decided to offer a few choices to all the imbibers out there who enjoy top-shelf gins and vodkas, or bourbons and rums, or quality sparkling waters, and want a quinine tonic which will complement and enhance their cocktails.

16 ounce Original

Our most popular!

As with each product we offer, this one starts with real cinchona bark with organic agave nectar to take the edge off the bitterness.

Added enhancers are select organic herbs and spices such as allspice berries, rosehips, and hibiscus -- though these ingredients are added with discretion so the finished product does not overwhelm your senses.

Delivers a great, refreshing change to mass-produced tonics.

16 ounce Spiced

My personal favorite!

Using the same ingredients as our Original recipe, we increase the quantities of the spices and herbs, doubling or tripling the amount of most, to provide more distinctive and richer aromatics which will transform your favorite cocktail into a unique, and very pleasurable, taste sensation.

8 ounce Citrus

The favorite of many of our customers!

Instead of extra spices and herbs, citrus zests and oils are the distinguishing characteristics of this blend. You may be able to forego the lime wedge except for decorative purposes.

We don't make this overly citrusy. Our aim is to create more of a subtle citrus aftertaste.

Our customers use this with gins, vodkas, whiskeys, champagne (like a mock mimosa) -- even salad dressing! It is also very tasty and refreshing just with club soda.

Extra Bitter
16 ounce Extra Bitter

Inspired by the past!

This is Extra Bitter in relation to our other three flavor profiles. Some find it very bitter, others say they notice the extra bitterness, but it's not overly bitter.

Definitely not for everyone, this tonic retains more of the quinine bitterness from an increase in cinchona bark and a reduction of agave nectar.