The Makers

We make small batch quinine tonic concentrates from genuine cinchona bark, Jamaican allspice, Italian juniper berries, organic spices and citrus using only organic agave to add a touch of sweetness.

Ruby D Tonics were created to enhance high quality spirits, elegant wine cocktails and truly remarkable, non-alcoholic beverages.


The Flavors

Original - balanced, fragrant and flavorful- and ruby red.

Spiced- double the amount of spice of the Original recipe, this one is perfect with bourbon and makes an excellent champagne cocktail.

Citrus - organic lemon, lime, bitter and sweet orange zests and oils create a mellower tonic that is the most refreshing.

Extra Bitter - double the amount of cinchona bark, with only half the agave for a bolder flavor that is both classic and inspiring!

The Place

Ruby D Tonics are made at BELLA Main St. Market in the century old Osborn Building in historic downtown Baker City, OR.

Come visit us anytime - we offer tastings of Ruby D Tonics every day!